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Underfoot Services - Residential Forensic Foundation Assessments

Very early post the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake  it became apparent to many EQC was not assessing to the EQC Act 1993 standard and that many people did not fully understand the unique nature of Canterbury rubble foundations. From around 2014 Bevan Craig worked with Mel Bourke, in her role with EQCfix.NZ, in an attempt to bring awareness to the issues with the Canterbury repair programme. That work culminated, when in 2018, Underfoot Services 2018 Ltd (Underfoot) was formed in a partnership with Bevan Craig, Mel Bourke and Jake Preston. Since then there is a whole new technical team at Underfoot, with each team members adding value through their own exceptional skills, experience and qualifications (for example Master of Project Management, BEngTech, NZCE (Civil & Structural) and more.

These days the Underfoot team combines the very best of foundation subject matter expertise, best construction practice, practical building experience, project management, technical writing and analytical skills, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the insurance process and a close-up insight of what went wrong in Canterbury. Some of the Underfoot team members members participated in the Cartwright report and some have sat on the Claimants Reference Group, giving advice to EQC, and the Homeowners Advisory Group, giving advice to the GCCRS.

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Mel Bourke

Mel has exceptional subject matter knowledge when it comes to the issues of Canterbury. She is the Spokesperson for EQCfix.NZ and was key in helping 100’s of homeowners obtain good information to help navigate their reinstatement projects. Mel had run her own successful company for 12 years and brings that experience and tertiary qualifications in business, change management and her technical writing ability to the team. Mel operates as our General Manager and will happily answer queries for you. Her email is

Bevan Craig

Bevan is a foundation specialist with extensive practical experience assessing, repairing and reporting on a wide range of foundation types. Prior to the 2010 / 11 earthquakes in Canterbury, Bevan completed foundation damage assessments and reinstatement work for EQC and insurers. A member of the NZ Geotechnical Society (which is a collaborating technical interest group of the Institute of Professional Engineers of NZ),  an affiliate of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), and a Licensed Building Practitioner-Foundation (BP121273).

Jake Preston

Jake is a technology strategist and accomplished process analyst.  Jake joined Underfoot Services in 2018 as a Consultant to help Bevan meet the needs of people impacted by post natural disasters. Jake holds a Masters of Applied Science from Lincoln University, Masters of Communication from Massey University, Bachelors of Management (Hons) from Massey University. Jake has significant experience with the earthquake insurance process.

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