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Case Studies

House Repiling In Christchurch

  • $510,000 Gain For Client

    This case study is of a block of 7 two storied solid masonry and concrete units. The property has been assessed as a total loss by insurers and only a $430,000 settlement has been offered. As part of the settlement process, the owners used Underfoot Services to independently assess the reinstatement cost of the foundations. […]
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  • 1920’s House In TC3 Zone

    This case study is a 1920’s house in TC3 zone repaired by EQC/Fletchers. The overseas owners returning home after repairs were carried out in their absence and were not happy with repairs. Underfoot Services investigation found that the supposed structural repairs to the cracked and damaged ring foundation were cosmetic and did not meet both […]
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  • 100+ Year Old House

    This case involved a 100+ year old house that was stuck in limbo with insurers refusing to carry out re-levelling, stating that settlement was historical and cracks in the ring foundation were to be epoxy filled. Underfoot Services was able to prove that the ring foundation and stone piles were unrepairable and the house required […]
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  • Investigation Beyond Insurance Scope

    The insurance scope of works identified three visible cracks for epoxy repair in the foundation and only minor re-levelling of the foundation by cutting in to the bearer and lowering the floor over a few piles. Underfoot Services’ investigation found that the floor levels did not comply throughout the house, that there were a further […]
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  • 60 Year Old House, Port Hills

    Insurer were just a week away from jacking and packing level a 60 year old house in the Port Hills using the existing foundation without any  foundation improvements. The owner got Underfoot Services in for a second opinion. Underfoot Services found evidence from damaged drains that underground streams and new springs higher up the hill […]
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