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Underfoot Services Commitment

Our commitment to customers is to help and support them through the complete process of correcting ground settlement issues.

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Since the 2010 Earthquakes in Christchurch and the more recent earthquakes in other areas of New Zealand, Underfoot Services has been independently representing property owners in regard to their Insurance claims in assessing and identifying the real damage and correct reinstatement of their house foundations. We are Christchurch-based experts in building foundation assessment.

This has involved forming relationships with other independent experts in the area of:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Insurance Expertise

The outcome has been an independent group of individual expert companies that separately or by working together has succeeded in getting settlements for clients that reflects the actual damage and correct reinstatement or rebuild required that protects the future equity and investment in their properties.

The Real Earthquake Damage

What is happening?

Foundation and settlement damage, along with the required reinstatement work, is difficult to assess and requires experts and often intrusive investigation work.

Unfortunately this is not always happening in investigating earthquake damage in New Zealand.
Property owners are unaware that it is the property owner’s responsibility under their insurance policies to prove the loss, not the Insurance Company.

Most either allow or are manipulated in to the EQC or Insurance Companies appointing their own Assessors to prove the property owners loss (they work for EQC and the Insurance companies – not you).

Foundation and subsidence damage can be expensive to repair hence the reluctance for Insurance Companies to investigate and identify correctly the damage and their keenness not to replace failed foundations or install piles but rather do inappropriate patch repairs to cracked foundations and slabs and jack and pack houses off failed foundations.

Four years after the Earthquake events Underfoot Services is now dealing with clients that have had botched, patched and inappropriate foundation repairs carried out by EQC or Insurance Companies that have affected the value and equity of their homes.

Take Ownership

Prove your own damage loss with your own experts and only then you can negotiate a settlement on an even playing field. Get in touch with us for building foundation assessments in Christchurch and elsewhere.

How we can help?

Own your own information not the insurance company version. Get experts to prove your real loss and reinstatement costs.

What we can do?

Underfoot Services can provide a no cost (no obligation) initial short review of your situation with regards to foundation damage and where you are at with your claim and advise if it is worth pursuing further and if so how best to progress it through the settlement process.